24/7 Emergency Service Only +1.888.668.2869

North Western Michigan +1.231.735.4680

Detroit Metro +1.586.997.9839

We offer a wide variety of services including but not limited to:

Hurricane/Storm Remediation (24hr Emergency Service)

Steam and Squeegee has helped people dry out and clean up after multiple hurricanes and severe storms. We have traveled to Texas, New York, North and South Carolina, Connecticut,  Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and  Louisiana. If a natural disaster effected your home or business, we have have the cleaning and insurance know how to you get you firmly on the path to recovery.

Call 888.668.2869 for this emergency service.

Water/Flood Remediation (24hr Emergency Service)
If it’s 2:00am and your pipes just burst call our 24/hr emergency service line 888.668.2869. We will be ready and on our way ASAP.  We can help with everything from a small flooded basement to a hurricane coming through town.  Don’t wait ,  when it comes to water, especially from non-sanitary sources, it quickly causes mold problems in your home.

Fire/Smoke Remediation (Emergency Service)

Both small and large fires can cause tremendous damage in your home. We will take everything the smoke has touched and clean it for you. We will work hard to get rid of the soot and the smell the smoke left behind. From top to bottom your house will be cleaned -- walls, floors, furniture, and knickknacks. Feel free to call 888.668.2869 for this 24/7 emergency service any day of the week.

Mold Remediation

If you believe you have a mold problem or would like an independent test for molds and or other contaminates please contact us so we can arrange an inspection for you.  We use independent testers who choose their own analysis laboratories  to quantify your homes air quality.  We can act on your behalf based on our experience and or use test results to guide us through the remediation process. 

Carpet Cleaning

Our rotary Drimaster machine leaves less water and soap in your carpets than our competitor’s wands. With dry times lasting only 2-4 hours depending on humidity. Along with decades of cleaning experience, we utilize the best equipment and cleaning solutions the industry has to offer.  This service is only $0.33 per square foot or $0.30 per square foot if no furniture needs to be moved and a minimum charge of $95.00.

Window Cleaning
Our experienced window cleaners will leave your windows shining. We use a variety of applicators and squeegees, along with a soapy water solution to clean your windows. No window is too dirty for our team to clean. We can remove hard water residue, screen deposits, fungus, paint, stickers, even old tint you no longer want. No worries if you have tinted windows you’d like to keep pristine, our team will make sure they remain scratch free. Ask us about a free estimate. Minimum of $75.00.

Tile /Grout Cleaning
White grout turning brown or black? Tile looking dingy? We can help with that! Our steam powered machine, along with a cleaning solution,  will take the old sealant and dirt off of your grout and tile making them show their true colors again. Just let us re-seal your grout after and your floors will be as good as new! Tile cleaning is $1.00 per square foot and sealing is $0.30 per square foot with a minimum charge of $95.00.

Chandelier/Fixture Cleaning
When your chandelier is starting to lose its shine and sparkle ask us to lend a hand. We will carefully remove the dust and dirt from your fixtures until they cast a beautiful light once again. We can also clean any fans or regular fixtures you have around your home.

Blind Cleaning
If your blinds have collected dust, and dirt let us take care of them for you.  Depending on the type of blind or curtain you have we will take them down for you and clean them with our blind cleaning machine, steam pressure tools or upholstery cleaning tools as needed.

Gutter Cleaning
Are your gutters clogged up with leaves and other debris? Ask us to lend a hand. We will take out all of the gunk and even power wash them, and scrub off any dirt or moss that is left if you would like us to. Make sure to get them cleaned out before they start to cause problems for your home. Remember gutters and downspouts are meant to direct water away from your home. If it is not directed away, it will attempt to enter and that can cause all kinds of issues you don't want.

Duct Cleaning
We have stopped being surprised by what we can expect to find in our clients duct work. We have found everything from bats to old pizza. On most every home we find construction debris and moderate to severe dust buildup. This  along with mouse droppings and other organics found in this dust can be a breeding ground for mold etc. Occasionally we inspect and find a system that does not need to be cleaned at all.  Gives us a call and we will inspect your ducts for free and show you what your ducts have gathered over the years.

Power Washing (Decks, Siding, Pavement, Docks…)
When moss, dirt, and grime start to build up on your home, driveway, decks, or other surfaces it’s time to give us a call.  Our high pressure system  and or specialty cleaning chemicals will clean your dirtiest surfaces.

Deck Sealing (Spring & Summer)
Wooden decks can take a real beating from the elements, and when they are left uncared for and neglected  it can cause a great deal of damage. We will clean off any dirt and moss buildup on your decks with our power washer and if needed a special cleaner specifically made for the type of wood your deck is made from. Once your deck is thoroughly cleaned we will re-seal/stain it with your choice of sealer.

Construction Clean-up

Construction can leave behind a big dusty mess that gets on and in everything. We will come in and get all of that dust out of your home by cleaning your carpets/floors, upholstery, walls, air ducts, cabinetry, and anything else the dust etc. has settled on.


You'd be amazed at all of the dirt that can get caught in your fabrics, changing not only the color and looks but sorry to say even the smell of your furniture. Our upholstery cleaning system will brighten up your dingy looking couch and chairs and clean up your mattresses too. 

Wood Floor Cleaning and Polishing

Wooden floors look great in homes, but they can get dull and lose that polished shine that you loved. We will clean, and buff your floors until they are truly clean and shine once again.  This service is $0.33 per square foot with a minimum charge of $95.00 this minimum charge may not apply with additional services.